Nairobi Design Week 2023 photo highlights

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The 8th edition of Nairobi Design Week festival took place at Opportunity Factory in March 11th-19th, under the theme ‘It’s What We Make It’.

An exciting line-up of experiences, exhibits and workshops were showcased with the community, for the community.

Among other activities, the 2000+ attendees got to interact with the magnificent laser-cut 8ft *4ft wooden triptych that showcased lion data from Maasai Mara ('Tracing The Wild'), make braille words with cylindrical bamboo cuts (Hisi Studio) and create music together through Kake Wakake’s drum circle. Indeed it was a frenzy!

Photo Albums

Official public folder - captured by Nii Nortey

Public folder, with shots from everyone

Tracing The Wild ndw2023

Kibera Fashion Week at ndw2023

DIA album

The Bamboo Installation ndw2023

Kairos Futura at ndw2023

OF Makers at ndw2023

More Melano or Less? ndw2023

Africa Collect Textiles ndw2023

Fashion Brands at ndw2023

Robocat at ndw2023

Exhibition space Renders