'Tracing the Wild' launched at Nairobi Design Week 2023

The project is a joint initiative between the Sovereign Nature Initiative, Kenya Wildlife Trust, and Nairobi Design Week.


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Tracing the Wild, an innovative digital and physical art installation promoting conservation was launched at the Nairobi Design Week 2023 in Nairobi Kenya, showcasing a first-of-its-kind interactive experience for audiences.

The triangular art was created by Chuma Anagbado which was composed of three vertical portraits arranged in the centre of a key seating area. The circular installation of the display reflected the spatial principles of the Maasai boma, an enclosure meant to protect livestock from predators. Inspired by three different lions—Sintamei, Mama Kali and Naramat, the portraits created by Anagbado were brought to life using data points provided by Kenya Wildlife Trust's, tracking collars along with topographic information and data architecture created by Daria Smakhtina.

The installation included sounds of the Mara region mixed with stories told by rangers and conservationists, engineered and designed by Nairobi-based sound artist, Mercy Barno. **Augmented reality designed **by Lyosi Mwedekeli and guests had an opportunity to animate the portraits using their smartphones.

In addition to the physical launch, digital art collectibles were available on the project’s dedicated page. Tracing the Wild truly brings together nature stewards, digital artists, and the world of web3 to create a unique and interactive experience for audiences to learn about the importance of human relationships with predators.

The pieces can still be viewed and experienced in AR at Opportunity Factory, Karen until at least June 1st 2023.