Meng Xi Cup is another opportunity from DIA

Categories include gift, art, article and style.


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The Design Intelligence Award 2022 received 30+ entries from Kenya and East Africa, with nearly a third of those selected as finalists by DIA.

Now they've shared another opportunity, with a lot of prizes promised.

The Meng Xi Cup promotes "innovative design and reconstruction of cultural creative products".

The categories for entry include:


This category includes products and services in the fields of city gifts, packaging, fashion clothes, culture, education and entertainment, as well as tableware.


Includes visual innovations in the fields of poster design, VI/logo/font design, book and publication design, information design, digital image design, design of animation short films and video Process, etc.


This category includes products and services in the fields of household appliances, digital electronics, sports and leisure, office supplies, etc.


It focuses on literary and artistic works that promote cultural heritage and spread positive values; This category includes stage plays, film and television animation, songs, dances, script play, etc.


The competition is open to original works from individuals, enterprises, universities/colleges and institutions.


**All participants need to login **to the official website to register.

No registration fee will be charged, however, any logistical, insurance or customs clearance expenses incurred by participants shall be borne by themselves.

Source: Design Intelligence Award