9 Kenyan entries selected as Design Intelligence Award Finalists

A global design competition


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The 7th Edition of Design Intelligence Awards took place in 2022, recognising effort, dedication and innovation in four categories – spanning Cultural Innovation, Life Wisdom, Industrial Equipment and Digital Economy.

We are delighted to have 9 winners from Kenya.

Twiga Mwangaza


Translated from Kiswahili as 'Giraffe Light' is an elegant abstraction of an African Giraffe munching on Acacia tree leaves, into an adjustable desk lamp for task lighting or an ambient lighting and reading lamp for living rooms & bedrooms.

Electric Nyatiti


The Nyatiti is a traditional lyre of the Luo tribe. The electric nyatiti is a product that solves the problem of musicians hoping to perform live or record using the traditional Kenyan instrument.

The body is made from the bark of a fig tree carved into a half sphere and covered with cow hide.

The frame is made from eucalyptus, while the tuning mechanism is a system of cords  tied to the string and wrapped around the crossbar of the nyatiti.

The bridge is made from papyrus reeds held down by beeswax.

Bamboo products

High quality bamboo furniture, wooden boxes, bamboo kitchenware.

Bamboo is a strong and fast-growing material that’s been used for thousands of years because of its versatility and sustainability.

Upcycled uniforms


ACT's products are designed out of used clothing and textile waste. ACT provides a secure service to collect used uniforms and transforms them into newly branded products, i.e. bags, backpacks and pencil case.

'Corporate uniforms are regular sight in Africa. There are over 500.000 security guards in Kenya. Soldiers (29.000), policemen and women (over 100,000), students (7 million), rangers and wildlife conservationists (24 million in Africa) wear uniforms.

Often after 1-2 years these uniforms have to be replaced, but due to security reasons the old ones cannot be just thrown away, they have to be burned.



Lizaad is a pattern art brand offering furniture and lifestyle products.

The brand is positioned to conceive, design, curate and retail products that are inspired by Africa – aesthetics, heritage, identity, function, materials, folklore and culture

Sounds Of Freedom


Augmented reality sound experiences that allow audiences to reconnect with their African culture in the hundreds of locations that are home to their history.

listen, feel, and interact with the traumatic realities that millions of Kenyans went through as they fought against imperialist British rule.

Circle Savings


Circle makes payments and saving money easy, affordable and transparent.

Any group or individual can pay or save any amount, at any time, from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

'We reward bonus money each time you save so you can reach your financial goals.