Factory A physical exhibit at NDW2023

APPLY to be a Physical Exhibitor at NDW2024

Do you have works that require a physical space to showcase?


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While we focus on promoting Kenyan creatives, we encourage submissions from Africa and all over the world.

Some examples may include: Furniture pieces, 3D models, physical installations, recycled & upcycled products, alternative use(s) of design products, experimental fashion pieces, cosplay pieces, machinery & equipment, sustainable building materials, innovative design solutions.

NDW crew will be present during the festival to direct & support.


Submissions will be accepted on a rolling in basis. Successful applicants will be notified from August 21st, 2023.

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: December 15th, 2023

We encourage early submissions from applicants, to create room for further discussions about your proposed projects.


The Festival will take place from 9am-4pm on Saturday March 9th till Sunday March 17th 2024.


Successful applicants shall be invited to attend scheduled site visits every Wednesday at Opportunity Factory from 9am - 4pm. You'll be able to start setting up from 9am March 1st 2024.


Large exhibits and installations are required to be installed by 3pm on Friday 2nd March 2024, in order to give smaller exhibits time to set up by 3pm on Tuesday 5th March 2024.

DE-INSTALLATION: Pack up by 3pm on Thursday, March 21st 2024.

EXTENDED INSTALLATIONS: We accept applicants with installations that may need to stay on site for a longer period, of up to 3 months. The cut-off date shall be on Sunday, June 30th 2023.

(Note: If selected, you will be expected to coordinate all planning and logistics to deliver and de-install your work at the festival location)

Since 2015, Nairobi Design Week has been a constant in the local and global design calendar. Our vibrant community welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

The NDW 2023 Edition attracted:

400 participants, 3000+Attendees, 100000+ Online reach.

Nairobi's status as a global design city allows us to showcase design through exceptional, unconventional experiences.

We embrace design methodologies to work on projects throughout the year that allow us to culminate in an annual celebration of design’s past, present and future.

Who can apply

No age limits!! We encourage everyone to apply.

  • Individuals
  • Collectives
  • Corporates
  • SME’s
  • NGO’s
  • Non-Profits
  • Funding Institutions
  • Cultural institutions
  • Schools
  • If you’re not included above, apply and tell us who we missed!

Exhibitor’s Team

We recommend that exhibitors engage the skills of experienced professionals within their areas of expertise. Nairobi Design may direct you to recommended suppliers and personnel where possible.

What you get:

All Exhibitors Receive…

  • Access to the press launch.
  • Access to the partners event.
  • Exhibitor board with your information for you to keep.
  • Meetings at the festival site for your team before the festival, and access to the site to prepare.
  • Free entry into the exhibition space.
  • Complimentary tickets to the festival.
  • Dedicated posts on social media.
  • Listed in festival brochure/booklet.
  • Listed in Nairobi Design website.

Large Exhibitors will also…

  • Be recognised as a festival partner.
  • Be listed in the press release.
  • Receive a custom designed poster.
  • Large exhibitor board with your information.


There are four categories you can choose to participate as: small, medium, large and extended installation exhibitors.

For the 9 days of the festival:


2*2m spaces and below starting from KES 40,000


Spaces starting from 3*3m starting from KES 80,OOO


5*5m space starting from KES 100,000

Custom sizes

Spaces may vary in size and will be allocated in cooperation with the Nairobi Design curatorial team. Pricing will thus be based on the agreed size required per exhibit.

Extended installations -

If Installation extends to 3 months**-KES200,000**

Successful Exhibitors will be required to pay half the deposit of the cost of the category they select by 30th November 2023. Payment details will be provided.

Sponsored spaces:

We try to support marginalized communities and those in the creative space in need of support by offering a limited number of sponsored spaces. Please indicate in your application if you’d like to be considered and why you think you are eligible for this.

Please note only those most in need will be considered. Your work will still be curated to the same standards as the paying exhibitors.

For any inquiries, you can email us on festival@nairobidesignweek.com. Check out Physical Exhibitors FAQ's. Article last update October 17th, 2023.