Physical exhibitor FAQ's

We share all your questions about NDW2024 Open Calls


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Are you charging for spaces?


**Small **2*2m spaces and below starting from KES 40,000

Medium Spaces starting from 3*3m KES 80,000

Large 5*5m space starting from KES 100,000

Custom sizes Spaces may vary in size and will be allocated in cooperation with the Nairobi Design curatorial team.

Pricing will thus be based on the agreed size required per exhibit. Extended installations If Installation extends to 3 months - KES200,000

How are exhibitors supported with curation?

Every selected exhibitor will get an opportunity to speak with the team and be advised on how best to curate the spaces

How long will we have to plan and produce our participation?

Selected exhibitors will be notified within 4 weeks of application, and thereafter begin production.

Larger exhibits should be ready to be installed by 1st March, smaller exhibits by 5th March

Does one have to be present throughout?


However we encourage everyone involved in your exhibit to be a part of it as much as possible.

Can payments be made in multiple installments?


50% deposit needs to be paid by November 30th 2023 and the remaining 50% is due by 31st January 2023 (Revised Dates will to be communicated to applicants)

Can we share a space?


you’ll need to coordinate with your collaborator on how you’d like the space to look and on payment.