Where We Live

An exploration of how design is infused in our daily lives.





































'Where We Live' starts with our bodies and minds, and extends into neighbourhoods, environment, and online spaces.
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What is our history?

The Heritage Project

Recreated digital versions of Kenyan artifacts located in foreign museums, now made accessible to locals through VR/AR and 3D printing.

By Brian Njenga

Grandma's got stories.

Enkang' Ang'

Experience the lifestyle of Maasai women and their traditional homestead; Enkang', through VR and audio.

A project involving 10+ Kenyan female artists, led by Naitiemu.

Can we be preserved for 1000 years?


Built by Realtyme Kenya, a 3D, VR experience that acts as a companion to the physical event

Journey Through the Senses


Journey Through The Senses (JTTS), celebrates the vast universe of human sensory perception through the lens of art, performance, science, technology and interactive installations.

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses.

This collaboration begins a research project that focuses on congenital synaesthesia in an African cultural context (Kenyan indigenous cultures, in particular).

Journey Through the Senses

What if you could feel like a kid again?


Characters inspired by culture, created by Nairobi Design Week, and brought to life by artists in the community.


A game exploring the relationship between Skateboarding and Chess By Zamani Skateboards

Tribal instagram filters

Adam Yawe uses technology to explore, discover and share more about Kenyan traditions through :

Maasai Facepaint 'Emuratta' and Kikuyu Facepaint 'Nguracio'

Scents and intimacy

Wicks, Wax and Wonders Candle Co

Moments and memories are more vividly experienced through our senses but I believe scent captures a great depth of it. And so W, W, W was created to incorporate scent into our most intimate spaces.



Building sustainable cities requires a new framework.

Quarter Acre Developers

Q/A developers showcases its 88 bedroom apartment complex designed for developing African cities.

The design encourages minimalism, zero waste and a sharing mindset needed to curb the adverse effects of capitalism on climate change.

Would you like to plant something?

Doing Zero

Carrying on last year's project, we are partnering with Design Manchester & British Council to build an urban farm with the community. Come to the festival to learn, plant and paint.

What materials should we rediscover?

Bespoke Bamboo Products

Bamboo craftsmanship, construction, bamboo plantation establishment and the community.

Project by BarryANDStudio

What is your ideal community?

Free Mind Sessions

The Challenge:

Create a miniature community with amenities that would enhance your human experience currently, as well as years from now while also offering services, spaces, and amenities that would serve you best , beyond your wildest dreams!.

Meet, swap and collaborate.

Swap & Collab Lab by Switcharoo & The Acacia Collective

The Swap Lab is about discovering a new way we can share the world with each other. Meeting today’s needs while ensuring that the way we go about meeting those needs meet future needs as well. Making Sustainability Practical.

The Collab Lab uses project collaboration as a way to build and create between people within different disciplines, mixing, matching to showcasing their talents.



Jada Marshleys

Abstract pieces of earrings and rings that are a reflection of the many individuals going about their lives on earth; under the universe (where we live).

The designs are characterized by minimal organic forms inspired by the conventional human stick figure.

A collection to show off Nairobi as a global city

A simple, widely accepted premise:

humans are social creatures,

and so cities are the best places, by virtue of scale, magnitude and proximity, to fulfill that instinctual or material need to be close together, and to share ideas, resources etc. To live, basically.

Project by Kaliworks

Sounds of Freedom

Walk into the forest and experience an immersive audio film series that captures the lives and personal experiences of the young men and women who chose to fight for Kenya’s independence and liberate themselves from British imperialism.

The producer of the film is Victor Ndisya while the executive producers are Mutana Gakuru and Chao Tayiana of African Fiction Academy and African Digital Heritage respectively.

Supported by Alliance Francaise, Eunic Kenya, Switch a roo, Nairobi Design Week and Fiction entertainment.

How can we build careers that we love?


Tired with job boards? Join millions of professionals and boost your growth with best career tools and job recommendations in Africa.

FUZU will be hosting a workshop on Sat 9th April. See schedule for full details.

The starving Thriving artist


A workshop where entrepreneurs learn how to scale their businesses while also making a social & spiritual impact in their community.

Sinapis provides executive level training based on Acton School of Business's MBA program and blended with real-world insights from leaders who have served in top management firms. This is training designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

RefuSHE Tie & Dye Workshop

Empowering refugee women

Workshop on how to make scarves using Tie & Dye techniques.


Women in animation

The Hoperaisers Initiative

Personal stories about our women pushing the limits of creativity in animation, life and work will be the highlight of this expression.

'Using various media through stopmotion and locally available materials, our concepts change the narrative of graphic art and will give new opportunities to those that seek release in Art.'


Functional handcrafted art

The Art Carte

Our world is full of bold colours, fresh ideas, unique concepts and quality products featuring our designer's one-of-a-kind hand-drawn illustrations and distinctive color palette that are the Heart of The Art Carte.

The Art Carte


Under Our Skin

Film screening

Under Our Skin is an International Human Rights Film Festival in Kenya that provides a platform for filmmakers to share various works focussed on human rights.


A film produced by Robin Opondo inspired by the true events of the Kenyan Post-Eection violence that led to the death of a 6 months old Baby Pendo.

IG : leqwoodproductions

If Objects Could Speak

A film directed by Saitabao Kaiyare

Two filmmakers take a Kenyan artifact from a German museum, produce a 3D scan and embark on a journey back to it's roots. The only information about the object is that it entered the museum in 1903. Why don't the museum know more about it?

IG : ifobjectscouldspeak

IG : kaiyare


Into the Light photographs

Nisria - Community-based Organisation

"Into the Light" is a photography project that highlights vulnerable children living with HIV in Loving Hands Safe House, a children home that looks after abandoned and orphaned children.

Refugee photos

Paula Casado Aguirregabiria

These photos showcase different refugee and IDP women throughout the region (ie Ethiopia, Kenya, SSD, and Uganda) in different settings and locations, with the purpose of showcasing a close by reality that many of us is oblivious to,

We would accompany every picture with a short explanation of the reality portrait and the work done by JRS, the organization for whom the photos were taken.


Nature's sweet tooth.

Ren's and Non's

They use organic, locally sourced seasonal fruits and no preservatives for year round condiments.

This makes it a sustainable way to produce and consume as it encourages eating habits that are respectful to the environment and the natural cycle of production.

Ren's & Non's

Knot donuts

NOT donuts

Knotted, twisted, filled donuts

Lovingly homemade & fresh donuts just for you.