You're invited to Afrika Design!

We’ve put together this checklist to give you a simple overview of anything you might need for the podcast.


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We’d love to feature you on this creative tour of Africa. Your culture, process, work, journey, experiences, and personal anecdotes are all of real interest to us, and our audience.

If you have any projects or stories you’d like to mention, please feel free to share more information beforehand.

Please contact us on if you have any questions or suggestions.

You can schedule our conversation here.

Bring with you...

We’ve put together this checklist to give you a simple overview of anything you might need for the podcast.

Yourself 👤

We're excited and can't wait to host you! It's an informal conversation, so let's have fun. If you have anything you'd like to show on camera, try to have it nearby.

Microphone 🎤

Test your audio to check it's clear and there's nothing blocking the mic. A dedicated microphone is great but not a must.

Webcam 📹

The one built into your phone or computer is just fine. If you have an external one that provides better quality, even better!

Internet and power ⚡️

Ensure you have ample battery on your device & sit somewhere with stable internet. The conversations usually last 30-60 minutes.

Stay Hydrated🚰

Grab water or another favourite drink and get comfortable.

Stories 💬

This is an opportunity to talk about the things that excite you, the people who inspire you, and the projects you'd like to promote. We love talking about culture and process!

What to expect

The episode will be edited, so you can always let us know during or after if you’d like something left out or corrected.

Some areas to think about:

  • What is the meaning of your name?
  • How did design enter your life?
  • What makes you and your work unique?
  • How has your culture/ tribe/ location or region influenced you creatively
  • What are the stories behind those inspirations?
  • Indigenous cultures don't have to be ancient, they can be modern too.
  • What makes your culture special?
  • What makes African design special?
  • What are your best stories and anecdotes?


Afrika Design is a part of the British Council's Shifting Narratives programme. We're also partnering with Kampala Design Week to bring more creatives onto the platform.

If you'd like to partner with us on the podcast, let us know!