When Cosplay adds African style

Integrating African designs into the world of cosplay.


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In Kenya, cosplay is gaining traction among African creatives who are pushing the limits of what is possible with limited access to conventional materials. One such cosplayer is Jess, who is known for her love of using and reusing materials to create stunning costumes and props.

Cosplayers like Jess demonstrate the **dedication and passion **that go into perfecting this craft. They put in countless hours of work and creativity despite having limited access to conventional materials.

The result is an ever-evolving art form that brings play and joy to many.

Incorporating African designs into cosplay is a beautiful way to celebrate and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the continent. This dress, created by Kenyan designer samir_fashion_designer was made using recycled vitenge cloths.

What makes this dress even more special is the fact that it goes beyond just clothing design and production. Under his brand Kolakisa based in Turkana, they use their craft to empower their community by providing training and support to refugees, single mothers, and school dropouts.

Kolakisa, is a perfect example of how African designs can be seamlessly integrated into the world of cosplay.

Captured by Nii Nortey