The theme of the 14th edition of Venice Design Week is Synaesthesia,

What’s it like to hear colours?

Journey Through the Senses’ at Venice Design Week 2023


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Venice Design Week, now in its 14th edition, will take place October 7th-15th 2023 in Venice, Italy. The installations under this year’s theme ‘Synesthesia’, introduces visitors to the universe of possibilities in which all senses come together, the installed projects by this year’s designers will take the audience through an experience of play with our senses and delve deep in our emotions.

Designer Adrian Jankowiak unveils his synesthetic installation with Journey through the Senses at Venice Design Week.

Discover the miracles of neurodiversity in you and other brilliant people throughout the world as we all take a journey through the senses together.

The participation of Nairobi Design founder, and industrial designer Adrian Jankowiak, collaborating with Nicole Akinyi and Gregory Mwangi, Kenyan developers known for crafting interactive experiences, and guitarist Robin Marcel Moustache promises to captivate and engage visitors in an unprecedented multisensory experience.

Adrian discovered his synaesthesia when he was watching a documentary that said ‘some children see letters and numbers in different colours’, and he thought “what do you mean some children!?”, shocked to find out this didn’t happen to everyone.

“I have been uncovering my synaesthesia since then. It alters your perspective when you realise it’s unusual to see letters, numbers and sounds through colours. I also have mirror touch synaesthesia, which might have an impact on how I empathise.” He adds

“The experience invites visitors to move and create musical sounds that represent the colours Adrian sees for those notes. As you pass across the canvas and move your body, particles of sound and colour appear and fade, allowing you to combine or isolate them.”

The technical prowess behind this installation is by Akinyi and Mwangi, something they exhibited at Nairobi Design Week 2023 in March.

“We are making it a truly remarkable and adaptable experience that and will invite visitors alike to explore and connect with the captivating world it unveils” says Akinyi “all this will be possible with three accessible devices a camera, projector and projection surface

Be ready to immerse yourself in a world where colors and sounds harmonize like never before. The installation is a collaboration between Journey Through the Senses, Los Angeles, USA and Nairobi Design, Kenya.

Adrian will also moderate a panel conversation with renowned synaesthesia experts Julia Simner, Michael Haverkamp, James Wannerton and Anton Dorso, in which they discuss  synesthetic design and their personal and professional and their experiences.

Nairobi Design is a design consulting agency that creates exceptional, unconventional experiences** with our **community, and connects local and regional designers to opportunities. Since 2015, we’ve hosted the annual Nairobi Design Week festival, and worked with the community to showcase design through collaborations across Africa and the world. Nairobi Design is a board member of World Design Weeks.

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