WAUZINE 004 a Digital Zine from Nairobi


An exclusive digital showcase featuring 20 emerging designers from Kenya


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WAUZINE 004 is an exclusive digital showcase featuring 20 emerging designers from Kenya and delves deep into the compelling narrative of our identity and its intertwining relationship with the environments we live in. This ground-breaking showcase of fashion creatives, marks the culmination of the latest fashion business accelerator programme, generously initiated and funded by the esteemed British Council.

Titled "KUTOKA NAIROBI," which translates to "From Nairobi" in Swahili, a city renowned for its dynamic urban landscape, seamlessly fused with its rich traditional heritage, becomes the canvas for a kaleidoscope of unique stories that ignite nostalgia and evoke sense of belonging.

"KUTOKA NAIROBI" echoes the heartbeat of a flourishing fashion ecosystem, representing voices that are both innovative and socially conscious. Each design featured in this digital zine narrates a compelling story of heritage, sustainability, and the pursuit of artistic flair.

As we celebrate this fusion of fashion and identity, we invite you to join us in experiencing "KUTOKA NAIROBI." This digital showcase promises to be a captivating journey through Kenya's fashion landscape, as envisioned by a new generation of creatives.

At the helm of this issue is Iona McCreath of KikoRomeo, who wears multiple hats as the Photoshoot's Creative Director, Stylist, and Features Editor. Iona's passion for the power of identity and belonging is apparent as she skilfully curates’ imagery that capture the essence of fashion aesthetics, the city's influence, and its transformative impact on its people. Renowned photographer Rogers Ouma skilfully brings this vision to life, absorbing us in Nairobi's energy while illuminating the works of promising design talents, currently thriving in Kenya.

Check out the full list of artists behind the project, magazine, photoshoot teams and Models by checking out Wauzine 004

Article credits Wauzine 004  powered by Fashion Scout and Trio Media.