Vendor FAQ's

We share all your questions about NDW2024 Open Calls


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**Can I vend on one weekend only? **Yes you can.

Are there single day rates? No

**What are your busiest days? **-both opening and closing weekends are the busiest days. The opening launch Sat 9th & Sun 10th; we also get a good number of attendees on the closing weekend Sat 16th & Sun 17th

Is it just weekends or also weekdays? Just weekends for vendors. The exhibits will run throughout the week.  We will have tailored events during the weekdays, including meeting the exhibitors

Can I vend both weekends? Yes

Who can apply? Anyone who's allowed to do business- individuals, collectives, SMEs, Start-ups, corporates, NGOs, non-profits, cultural institutions, schools…

Will there be people to support? Yes, our crew members will be available to offer general support . Each vendor should have their own team for their specific needs.

Can we share a space? - Yes, you’ll need to coordinate with your collaborator on how you’d like the space to look and on payment.

What is included in the package? Tables, chairs, table cloth, charging port, information board

What is not included? Decorations, retail point of sale, food,

Will you provide storage? Overnight storage will be provided. Additional Storage will be available at a cost.

Can payments be made in multiple installments? Yes, a 50% deposit needs to be paid by November 30th 2023 and the remaining 50% is due by 31st January 2023