Under our Skin Award Ceremony 2023

Recognizing local and international film makers


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The purpose of the Under Our Skin Awards 2023 was not only to recognize film's entertaining us but makers that go that extra mile to inform as well as inspire through the medium of film.

The awarding ceremony in June 2023 recognized film's reaching and resonating with audiences to prompt questions, debate, and reflect on the state of human rights in Kenya and internationally with an aim of engendering positive change for society and individuals from their 2022 Edition.

Under Our Skin annually to host a film festival edition in Kenya and this year they have chosen to focus on three main human rights themes: injustice by design; expression as a right; and social contract redefined.

Nairobi Design was honored to participate this year's awarding ceremony by awarding 'Best Fiction film' to "Bangarang film" by Odongo Robbie. During Nairobi Design Week 2021 festival, we had conversations with UOS team about this film, which came right in time after elections, to highlight and warn against post election violence using real stories.

Other films recognized included "Supastaz film" by Krysteen Savane Oprah Oyugi and Bea Wangondu, they also recognized Paul Kagiri for his work “The Grave Mistake” among other winners.

See all the winners here , photography by SomasoAfrika