Through the Lens: Photographer's exhibits at Nairobi Design Week 2023

Take a closer look at our community of photographers that exhibited as digital artist this year as each frame tells a story.


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Nairobi Design Week 2023 showcased an array of talent by photographers who exhibited as digital artist leaving audiences captivated with their artistic vision.

Street Photographer Jorge Dachala exhibited his work titled 'Project seen' that was captured between 2021 and 2023. He aimed to catalog the lives of people in the day to day world of Kenyan life showing how people interact with the Urban life in Nairobi.

What do you see? What jumps out you when you view it? Those are questions Eric Gitonga ask of the viewers. His fascinated by how a drop of water interacts with the water surface it lands on. Capturing the reaction that lasts only a fraction of a second through this project, he hopes to help visitors appreciate that even the fastest of moments have something of beauty they can display.

Eric is also is fascinated with our ecosystem’s restoration and conservation. Through his lenses we get to experience the beauty of arthropods that are too small or too hidden for the human eye to observe unaided. Using a variety of equipment that extends the capabilities of the regular camera, Eric capture's these hidden attributes and share their beauty with the world.

Nii Nortey exhibited his composite of the coast and this magnificent sculpture in the 'heart' of Cotonou, Benin a 30-meter statue made of bronze and situated in Benin’s capital of Cotonou christened ‘Esplanade des Amazones’. He also showcased more of his work including a composite of dreams captured in successive motion ‘past to the future’ among other works. He was also our resident photographer capturing the energy and incredible exhibits showcased in Nairobi Design Week 2023.

Shanel Lynnette showcased album of performances she took, through her lens, she skillfully freezes the captivating energy of African artists as they pour their heart and soul into each note, immortalizing their essence and artistry in a single click.

James kangee exhibited a project of documenting as many faces and personalities his captured including Antoneosoul as Muse and Luno as Muse seen in the gallery. Noella Victoria expressed her work through Art and photography showing her world in different and special ways

Kevin Mugambi exhibited his project that includes wild animals shot in Amboseli National Park and Nakuru National Park. his goal is to embrace and challenge myself himself with opportunities and inspire Kenyans to visit the parks

Cover image credits to Nortey Nortey A composite of "MAN" and his nature pool