The Resounding Beats of African Drums at the Festival

A symphony of African drums and Nyatiti at Nairobi Design Week festival


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Nairobi Design Week festival came alive with a pulsating rhythm of Kake Wakake’s drum circle that reverberated through the air, captivating every soul in attendance.

The resounding beats of African drums byKake Wakake and Mwalimu Nyatiti using his traditional nyatiti, breathed life into the atmosphere and the various workshops at the baraza.

Nairobi Design Week was the very essence of Africa's diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry channeled through their music. With emerging artist such as Kuiyu's electrifying and entertaining visitors and FanaKa a street poet with** **blend of spoken word, hip hop, and soulful melodies, that had a custom piece based on Nairobi Design Week theme #ItsWhatWeMakeIt that took us on a journey of introspection and inspiration.

Photography credits: Blogpost cover image by @visualsbykoech