The fashion week on a railway line

The exhibit showcased Kibera Fashion Week's 2022 runway project on the train railway line that crosses through Kibera.


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Kibera Fashion Week Showcases the beauty of Kibera, challenges exploitative global supply chains and changes the discourse around fashion from the perspective of the global south.

The project was initiated by David Avido ( Looks Like Avido), Goethe Institute Kenya, Nairobi Design, EUNIC, Maasai Mbili, with emerging artists, and designers.

The Nairobi Design Week 2023 exhibit showed their runway project on the train line that crosses through Kibera.

The Art work created on site was a representation of the runway show.  As you stand before the Art, your eyes are immediately drawn to the intricate details of the railway line that weaves its way through the bustling Kibera settlement. The miniature railway was painstakingly painted with delicate precision, each tie and rail expertly painted to mimic the weathered look of the real thing.

But it was the use of Ankara cloths that truly elevated this piece to a work of art. The vibrant patterns and bold colors of the fabric bring life and movement to the scene, as if the bustling energy of Kibera has been captured and frozen in time against the gritty backdrop of the settlement.

In addition, Visitors met the makers behind the jewelry, dressmakers, designers, art creator's, community and behind the scene work in the making of the Fashion Week runway.