The BIG Sad Nairobi; Tiny Stories in a Big City

Inkspace Kenya premiered an incredible stop motion short comic series featuring a goat personifying human emotions in Nairobi


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@inkspace_bureau a team of digital animators and VFX specialists from Nairobi, Kenya. They created an incredible stop motion short comic series featuring a goat personifying human emotions.

The film tells the story of this goat questioning himself about life in Nairobi. Every quest is about becoming a better human and exploring the depths of friendship among other issues such as being broke.

The film tackles the themes of forgiveness and** mental health** battles that most people face in Nairobi. The team was not trying to pull heartstrings but they were telling stories that bring humans together, showing vulnerability and authenticity.

The goal was to create a looming sense that **perfection is not always necessary **and sometimes letting go of that mentality can stimulate creativity that passes the message you intend to share with the word.

The process to remove the aspect of perfectionism began on @zord_files kitchen table. The set and characters were made of play dough, plasticine, paper, and recorded on their phones.

The film shows the incredible talent that went into making it, with amazing ideas made with the simplest resources.

The team of five started creating this storyboard a week prior to Nairobi Design Week 2023 with 99% of the work done through storyboarding, using a colleague's green shirt as a background.

NDW visitors resonated and fell in love with the goat as he transverses different situations we constantly face in this city.

The film premiered at Nairobi Design Week 2023, held in March, and it showcases different elements of everyone who made it. "The Big Sad Nairobi" is a touching and heartwarming short film that will make you feel connected to the world around you.

Just like waiting eagerly for the next episode of any series, we can't wait for the team to finish and share their amazing work with the world!