The Bamboo Residency & dome installation at Nairobi Design Week 2023

Bamboo is a versatile and sustainable material with tremendous potential in building, crafting and extensive ability in creating African designs.


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In order to develop a thriving bamboo industry that benefits current and future generations through sustainable management, commercialization, and value-addition, International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) and Kenya Forestry and Research Institute (KEFRI) are putting in efforts to increase production and training along the value chain.

During Nairobi Design Week 2023 a Sensory Bamboo Dome was installed to showcase the diversity of bamboo not only for architecture but to demonstrate the possibilities of creating products such  as furniture, baskets, interior décor, toys among others.

With increased availability of bamboo, entrepreneurs and creatives will in time have capacity and advanced machinery to process the wood into items such as flooring tiles, plywood and furniture.

INBAR and KEFRI also carried out community training through @barry_bamboo in training our community designers @moirabushkimani @ottydann and with support by four ND crew members, Chelsea Okado, Benson Kung'u, Isaac Mugwe and Kevin Kekeli to ensure the set was complete for visitors to learn more on Bamboo.