RoboCat gobbling up waste to help clean our Planet

Do you need 2 phones? What happens when you purchase a new version? Is it possible to promote responsible consumerism today?


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The art piece "ROBOCAT" is a striking sculpture constructed entirely from discarded materials, including a junk fridges, old computer parts, offices and home appliances, among other old discarded materials.

Nature creates cycles that support life. For instance, plant leaves that dry up and fall to the ground enrich the soil, allowing other plants to grow better. However, modernization and consumerism have resulted in the creation of cycles that produce excess waste.

Imagined and Conceptualized by Relab designs by Alexa RoboCat is a reimagined solution to this problem, a creature that repurposes junk, gobbling up waste to help clean our planet.

This thought-provoking creation symbolizes a being that consumes waste, serving as a powerful visual communication to raise awareness about the dangers of over consumerism. Through its ingenious composition, "Robocat" compelled Nairobi Design Week visitors to reflect on the excessive consumption that leads to environmental degradation, urging them to reconsider their habits and embrace sustainable alternatives.

The possibilities of repurposing junk to art is endless, the project production was supported by Nairobi Design & Opportunity Factory

Conceptualized and created by @relabdesignsbyalexa, with support from Naitiemu for #NairobiDesignWeek2023 , Thanks to kevin karuri and Lxd_oo for spending days, shaping our RoboCat into a being, with crew support from @i_am_kliph and Lameck.