Revolutionizing African Businesses: Walid Kilonzi's VR Journey to Mapping Africa

Empowering local businesses to leverage technology for growth and success


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In a world where technology is revolutionizing industries, there are individuals who harness its power to bring about positive change. Meet Walid Kilonzi, founder and extended reality producer at Fallohide Studio who’s on a mission to map out and uplift local businesses across Africa using the immersive medium of virtual reality (VR) and uploading businesses on google maps to maximize SME’s online presence.

Starting from his hometown Machakos County, Kenya, he meticulously documented numerous local businesses and tourism hotspots with his with Insta360 ONE X2, a compact 360-degree camera, recognizing their potential to contribute to their economies and reach a global audience.

With a focus on enhancing their digital presence, he uploaded their business data onto , Google Street View, this in-turn enabled users to find these businesses thus increasing their visibility and expanding their customer base.

Watch their video on how Walid built a digital presence for tourism businesses in his county, using Street View and Google Business Profiles here. The team plans to expand their work to Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and other African countries.

Fallohide is not only promoting economic growth but also nurturing cultural exchange and inspire wanderlust among travelers worldwide. As Africa relies mainly on storytelling to shift perspectives and narratives, extended reality can help transcend geographical boundaries and offer a unique perspective of the continent.

Image credits: Fallohide Studio and Google

Article credits Insta360 stories