Press Release: Nairobi Design Week 2023

The 8th edition of the annual festival


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The 2023 Nairobi Design Week festival themed ‘It’s What We Make It’ will open at 9am-9pm on the weekend of 11th – 12th March at Opportunity Factory, Mbagathi Ridge, Karen.

The exhibition and other events will remain on until 19th March.

This year, Nairobi Design’s publicly available open calls curated 50+ physical, 50+ digital exhibitors, and 20+ programmes with partners.

2023 Flagship collaborations with Nairobi Design include:

  • ‘Tracing the Wild’ with Sovereign Nature Initiative and Kenya Wildlife Trust that explores human-wildlife conflict through an AR data-scultpure;
  • ‘The Bamboo Residency’ with INBAR, KEFRI and designers from the community; and
  • ‘Afrika Design’ podcast with British Council #SSAArts.

**Among the key exhibitors and partners are:  **

  • Kairos Futura with multiple installations that represent their ‘Nairobi Space Station’ concept;
  • New Comma with a highly curated selection of African creatives;
  • ‘More Melano or Less?’ by Wakianda, and
  • ‘Kibera Fashion Week’ by Avido Foundation, both in partnership with the Goethe Institute.
  • Ocean Sole, with custom Africhibi sculptures
  • FlipFlopi

Events and workshops will include:

  • Careers in Design with Sinapis, Thinkplace and New Comma;
  • a sustainable fashion panel hosted by Free Mind Sessions;
  • creative cosplay with Jess Atieno;
  • weaving with Africa Collect Textiles;
  • screen printing with Dragonfly;
  • pottery with Enn Ceramics;
  • Nakshi Glass, and more.

“Every year we pick a theme that makes you think about life and design.”

- Adrian Jankowiak, founder & design director, Nairobi Design Week.

“It’s about looking at the resources we have and making the most of them.”

-_ Naitiemu, festival lead, Nairobi Design Week._

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