Opening soon: Venice Design Week and Design Week Mexico

A glance at Design Weeks opening this week


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Venice Design Week

The 14th edition of Venice Design Week has once again come this year, from October 7th to 15th, to present the work of different international designers and brands, framed by the beautiful landscape of the Venetian Laguna.

This event also lets everyone discover Venice through a new point of view, that of design! The theme of this year is Synaesthesia, an indefinite amount of possible meetings between the senses that will fully encompass the visitors in a rich sensory stimulation. The works presented will envelop the city and project a new spirit into the world-recognized Venetian landscape.

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Design Week Mexico

The**fifteenth edition **of Design Week Mexico will take place from October 10th to November 5th, and will be a unique experience, full of events, exhibitions and activities that will highlight the transformative power of design.

From keynotes and interactive workshops to innovative exhibitions and exclusive launches, there will be something for every design lover. Design Week Mexico 2023 will be an opportunity to celebrate the achievements made in these fifteen years and look to the future, inspired by the positive impact that design can have on our lives and the world around us.

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Article credits: World Design Weeks