Graffiti at Nairobi Design Week

A blank canvas for budding artists and curious visitors at this year's festival


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From colorful murals depicting Kenyan culture and wildlife to thought-provoking social and political commentaries, graffiti has become a means of expression that resonates with everyone.

Graffiti Girls Kenya  and Inky Fingaz  had a community engaging project that actively involved visitors at Nairobi Design Week 2023. Using repurposed wood from Opportunity Factory, they transformed our venue into an interactive canvas for budding artists and curious participants.

By the Workshop area @slama_inkyfingaz  created a colorful concept of Kenya's cultural and touristic landscape .The two engaging fence project exemplifies the power of street art in bringing people together and foster creative exploration.

Another graffiti art piece was created by Kibera Fashion Week. As you stand before it, your eyes are immediately drawn to the intricate details of the railway line that weaves its way through the bustling Kibera settlement. The miniature railway is painstakingly painted with delicate precision, each tie and rail expertly painted to mimic the weathered look of the real thing.

The vibrant patterns and bold colors of the fabric brings life and movement to the scene, as if the bustling energy of Kibera has been captured and frozen in time a vision of strength and beauty against the gritty backdrop of the settlement.

Image credits Nii Nortey, Graffiti Girls Kenya  and Inky Fingaz