Everyday Life Photo Exhibition

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A group of Nairobi based photographers will be showcasing their work capturing life through different stories and experience titled "Everyday Life Photo Exhibition"

With their lenses as windows, these artists will be unveiling the stories and showing the interconnected threads of beauty, mental health, life in Nairobi, stories of the elderly and many more at the exhibition.

Nairobi Design hosted a twitter space with the photographers to share their inspirations behind their work (listen to the recording here) as they prepare for the exhibition.

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📅Date: 29th July 2023

⏰ Time: opening hours 2-7pm

📍Location: DGI Max, Ambar Enterprises, 2nd floor, Baricho road

The exhibiting photographers include Ramadhan Karali, Anwar Sirdat, Kelvin Juma, Jeremiah Onyango and Usamah Abdi . Tag your friends and spread the word RSVP and we hope to see you there!

Cover image credits Ramadhan Karali