Ep.30 Make It Circular! feat. Esther Kute

This is a bonus episode of Afrika Design about circular design.


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It's in partnership with What Design Can Do and their 'make it circular' challenge. We discuss examples of design from all over the world and some specific ones from Kenya and Africa. There are examples of culture, nature, materials, storytelling, and even water preservation. We also discussed that sometimes the best design thinking comes from experts in fields other than design.

Thank you to Esther Kute who joined us for the episode. You might recall Esther was our very first guest on the podcast and you can actually check out that conversation to hear her talk more in detail about her experience as a breakthrough product development manager at Bata.

Happy Holidays! See you in 2023 :)

Episode Credits

Produced by Nairobi Design

**Host: **Adrian Jankowiak

Producer, Shorts & Artwork: David King'ori

**Music: **Ngalah Oreyo (@ngalah_oreyo) and Mercy Barno (@merc.b_)