Ep.15 Being Heard | Samantha Weya

Creating a meeting point where Africa's creatives can connect


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"Skiza na Skika"–Skika Afrika is a platform for African creatives to boost their careers. "It's about being heard," says Founder Samantha Weya, which is why she created a meeting point where Africa's creatives can connect, find work, increase their visibility & upskill.

For her, Skika pursues a balance between recognizing the narratives behind African stories, but also giving creatives the infrastructure to build sustainable creative careers. From portfolio curation to fan support, brand consulting and mental wellness, Skika Afrika is all-encompassing in its mission to amplify the voices of African creatives, allowing them to bring to the world a broader understanding of who Africans are.

"The reason parents don't want you to go into creative industries is: Where is the money going to come from? How will you eat? How will you pay the bills?... But that's just a lack of there being enough sustainable industry."

"How can you get connected and plugged into a creative community that enables you to create what you want?"

"Our market needs to value our talent."

"The creative industry needs to leverage financial security, and vice versa."

By profession, Samantha Weya is an Actuarial Analyst. She brings her understanding of risk, insurance and financial security to the creative industry to emphasize how creatives can take care of each other and their work. Learn more about Samantha and Skika Africa here: https://beta.skikaafrika.com/ and follow the platform on instagramfacebook & twitter!

Image credits artist Karungari and Mbulelo