Ep.14 World Class | Guidione Machava

What makes a World Class Designer?


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There are designers who make things look better. There are designers who make things work better. Guidione Machava @guidione_machava is the designer who makes teams collaborate better.

Guidione brings his experience as a Product Designer, Creative Leader, and Community Builder to this episode. From World Bank projects, scrappy startups, and non-profits across the continent, Guidione commits his time to systems, products and services that have a positive impact on people's lives.

"Design is like sex... no one taught me, but I've learned."

"Communication, community and collaboration...the first comes naturally to me, so the rest becomes easy."

"When I say 'best designer' I'm not talking about craft...I'm talking about mindset."

He is the author of “Design Sutra”, a collection of design principles for designers in the early stages of their careers. He founded the World-Class Designer School, home to the brightest design minds in Africa, supported by companies like Webflow, Framer, & Shopify; he also organised the World-Class Designer Conference, Africa's most diverse and inclusive design conference. Notable speakers included Debbie Millman, Marty Cagan, Randy Hunts and designers from Google, Facebook, Boeing, Visa & 40+ more.

Guidione holds a degree in Economics from St. Thomas University in Mozambique and an ongoing Honours in Interaction Design by Open Window in South Africa.