Ep.13 Nairobi By Ear | Jesse Itemere

Unveiling Nairobi Yetu's Vibrant Album Artwork


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Jesse Itemere @jesseitemere is the visual designer and illustrator behind the album artwork for _Nairobi Yetu, _a digital composition that memorializes and celebrates our city under the sun with typically "Nairobian" elements and symbols. In this episode, we discuss Jesse's background in Law & Development Studies, and passion for human-centered design, which brought to bear on the collective, creative process and style behind the resulting album cover.

_"What makes Nairobi Nairobi?" _

"The idea was... the roots of hip hop go back to New York, 1980s etc. What can we do to show that and how that could have influenced hip hop culture in Nairobi?"

Nairobi Yetu is a debut album by producer and rapper Blocka Beats @blochains_blocka, and was the soundtrack to the NDW2021 online festival.

Credits: Artworks by Jesse Itemere @jesseitemere