Enkang'ang' at Design Manchester!

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Design Manchester festival in November 2022 was all about the future, with legacy stories, live and hybrid events in Manchester.

I went to physically present Enkang' Ang' at the Manchester School of Art.

Enkang’ Ang’ means ‘Our Home’ in Maasai 🛖

With a team of 10+ female creatives, we visited Twala Tenebo women village and documented their hosts’ lives, including: Maasai homestead history and design; diet; rituals; objects; and climate change.

Enkang’ Ang' is a reimagined future about this culture for VR and PC, where you meet characters like Enkoiboni, the matriarch leader and oracle to her people; interact with traditional objects and afro-futuristic costumes, listen to interviews and photographs. 🦹🏾

Other prolific speakers included Ian Anderson, Swifty, Anthony Burrill, Sarah Boris, Harris Elliott, Jane Bowyer, Jaheed Hussain, Stanley Chow, Zoë Hitchen, John Owens, [Keith Bradley (FCB architects)](https://fcbstudios.com/About/Profile/Keith Bradley), Kasper de Graaf.

Check out Creative Boom podcast Christmas special by Katy Cowan interviewing all the speakers. (I'm at hour 1.45 - 2.33)

This exhibition was supported by the British Council East Africa Arts

More information about Enkang' Ang here

Thank you to Design Manchester!