Decoding 'It's What We Make It' Digital Exhibitors at Nairobi Design Week 2023

Digital Exhibitors: What does 'Its What We Make It' mean to you?


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Our series on showcasing our 50+Digital exhibitors at the Nairobi Design Week 2023 continues as we showcase their works and the infinite possibilities and inspirations behind our theme and how the creators were inspired to captivate our visitors

Jonathan Kasumba “To me its an opportunity to create, share, explore and learn. To dare to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” He exhibited The project code name is Crosswind, The first steps in creating an all African open world racing game; The motivation to entertain and champion Africa's rich heritage and culture.

afro.kalamu “Art and affiliated products by African artists is based on what we understand about ourselves and our cultures rather than what outside parties interpret it as” he exhibited his illustrations works 2023

Meeraj Vaghela exhibited his artworks which were renditions of wildlife in their natural habitats using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, his goal is to use art to spread awareness of wildlife and nature conservation. “To me What we Make it means Painting my imagination combining surrealism and realism”

Faith Njoki Ndung'u “It's what we make it, I understand it as. In everything we do in our daily life or even what we chose to pursue the outcome, the results it's all what you make it. If you make it easy, it's gonna be easy and if you make it hard it's going to be hard. It's all what you make it!” She exhibited three projects, Young ( man)African king, Kenya yetu Campaign and lastly African Virtual reality to show How could an African Virtual reality actually look like.

Levi Mwango “I feel as a statement, it really centers you as a person to really focus on the here and now. To notice what you have in your hands and just create. I think it can also apply to life, in whatever situation you are in, just do you and there’ll be a light at the end of the tunnel.” He exhibited project is called, “Welcome to the Spirit World.”

Musah Mwakelemu exhibited his My project is entitled social pressure composed of a number of digital works that depict everyday life. For him it means the open mindedness and capability of being flexible and adaptable to the environment and whatever space and circumstance you are in and make the best of every situation

Warren Birech exhibited his 2023 catalogue releasing focusing on different states of his mental space. “ For me it’s the presence of intention. We intend to do something. I intend to make art. So it’s what I make it. Intention plays a part in the development of perception “

Paul Gichia “Its What we Make It means taking the resources and time we have and working it to the best of our advantage and abilities as a creative” he exhibited an illustrative lens in the day to day life in Nairobi and its environs

Archtivate Africa “It means exploring the possibilities that AI (Artificial Intelligence) presents for African architecture and design through digital renders.” The team exhibited AI generated architectural renders that present the potential of what AI can bring to the table for the African architecture and interior design industry

Yue-Shin Lin You can do big and meaningful things, even if you don't have much. It's the effort that counts. They exhibited posters of their group 'THE CAKE ESCAPE' a virtual band of five animated members. With feminist and anti-racist lyrics, the group sings and raps in different languages for diversity and equality

Hannington Odido it means Taking initiative. Our future(as creatives/youth) lies in our hands. He exhibited a 3D model of a west African deity named Shando.

Geoffrey Thuo It gives me a feeling of freedom. Like we have the power to create anything and we are only limited by the very thing that empowers us...our minds. The Cartoonist showcased four short stories inspired by everyday life in Nairobi.

Kennedy Mutua It means being creative regardless of what medium of creation you have at your disposal. He exhibited a series of African themed 3d renders, telling the story of African people imagined as royalty.

Albokhari Mohamed "I am a game artist, I like to revision my reality into games" he exhibited his work saying its was his "Visual development for educational game for kids here in Sudan. I had the challenge to interrupt the local environment into a pleasant game visuals that will attract the player, also I have to merge the game space concept and the education aspect into the visuals which made the task even more challenging, but fun none the less."

William Blunt " The Possibilities are endless." adding " My collection is a humbling opportunity to see new things and revisit the joy of being surprised. Whatever you learn or see, share it meekly." he exhibited his concept of Afrofuturism.

Hizzer Haizer, as human beings, we are the most dominant creatures on this earth, we are the artists painting on this canvas called earth through our actions, what we paint is what we will experience generations and generations to come. He exhibited an illustration of the effects of climate change in Tanzania impacting the heart of Tourism and East Africa in general as Mt. Kilimanjaro looses its ice

cover image credits Paul Gichia a lens in the day to day life in Nairobi