Call for Global Entries: Better Design Award 2024

Better Design Better Life


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Better Design Award, abbreviated as BDA, is an international comprehensive design award. The award recognizes works and companies that demonstrate design excellence and innovation around the world. Adhering to the concept of designing for a better life, BDA will discover global good design, create a new engine of industry, lead a new way of life, contribute Chinese design wisdom to the world’s advanced manufacturing industry, and promote Chinese culture.

This is a design-driven award that adheres to the concept of designing a better life. It encompasses three major tracks: "Design Empowers Industrial Transformation" (such as products and services in high-end equipment, intelligent robots, new energy vehicles, low altitude aircraft, etc.), "Design Creates A Better Life" (such as new generation information products, modern light industry and textiles, CMF products and services in the fields of home appliances, furniture manufacturing, kitchen and bathroom, cutting-edge new materials, new processes, digital creativity and information services, fashion design, cultural and creative industries), and "Design Leads Future Development" (such as products and services in the fields of smart cities, urban public design, green ecology, future industries, and social innovation). The ENRICH in China is in collaboration with BDA in the call for registrations.

The award aims to collect entries to showcase the creativity, innovation, and creativity of enterprises or individuals all around the world; and promote their brand value and design philosophy for creating a better life and exploring the future, in recognition of outstanding design and innovation of products/projects (already launched), or those conceptual/pending works/projects that they create. The total prize pool for this award is RMB 4.25 million Yuan. At the same time, the award-winning projects and talents will be provided with various support such as landing policies, cultivation and incubation, financing docking, brand promotion, and expanding market channels.

Deadline for registrations: August

All participants should register here via the BDA website: register, fill out and submit your entry.

To better ensure your registration, the organizers kindly ask you to confirm the registration to