Amplification Grants (ROOM East Africa) 2023

The submission deadline is 14 August 2023, 1700 hours EAT.


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Call summary

HIVOS open call is directed to registered entities that have grown their capacity to manage long-term grants and have carried at least one project audit currently based in the following East African countries: Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda and have an increased capacity to promote gender inclusivity, economic class diversity, and local accessibility and ownership in facilitating African cultural and media productions.

Eligibility criteria for applicants

This call is primarily directed to:

1. Registered and previously audited entities that are, or are representing communities and networks of young makers, i.e., physical and virtual spaces in which they can safely work, collaborate, and produce critical content in the audio-visual sector such as creative spaces, groups of artists, music studios, hubs, cafés, art spaces, art galleries, independent production houses, networks of artists and producers, online platforms, collectives, co-working spaces focusing on the creative industry.

2. Entities with experience and a traceable portfolio of working with content producers that are working in one or more of the following audio-visual sectors:

  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Comics / Cartoons
  • Animation
  • Poetry / Slam poetry / Spoken word
  • Storytelling
  • Music Rap / Hip hop
  • DJ
  • VJ
  • Radio shows/ Radio Series/ Pod-casts/ Community radios
  • TV show / TV series/ Online channels
  • Short film / video
  • Feature film / Documentary
  • Video Blog
  • Visual Art (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Digital Art)
  • Sculpture (objects)
  • Mixed media installations
  • Performance Virtual reality
  • Videogame

3. Entities that make use of digital means (online platforms) to strategically distribute their content to their audiences. (i.e., through social media) with record of measurable audience engagement. Entities are strongly encouraged to coordinate with offline digital platforms e.g. community radios to increase reach in remote/ marginalized communities.

4. Entities that produce content/work that aims to show alternative viewpoints on big issues affecting society that challenges or question certain norms in society and promote Pan-African social progress. This content/work should challenge and examine repressive norms and tendencies within African societies, question the status quo and hegemonic power in society, and show alternative perspectives and points of view.

Deadline and other requirements

The submission deadline is 14 August 2023, 1700 hours EAT.

Application form and concepts are accepted in English. The concept notes must be no more than 4 pages using

Applicants must ensure that their concept notes are in Word or pdf format and are clearly marked with the title ‘Amplification Grants- Call for Concepts: Creative Expression in 21st Century East Africa’. All applications must be sent to the following email address:

Visit HIVOS Website for additional information on this grant.

Article Credits: HIVOS