Afrika Design is a part of the 'Shifting Narratives' program

Shifting Narratives Through Afrika Design Podcast


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Stories behind the culture of design problems, systems and solutions.

During the Nairobi Design Week festival 2023, Afrika Design hosted a recording booth where visitors shared the meaning of their names and why it is important to their cultural and heritage identity.

The podcast encouraged people to delve into the historical, traditional, and personal significance of their names. This provided a platform for people to connect with their cultural roots and showcase the diverse cultural heritage of Kenya and a celebration of cultural identity.

Afrika Design is a part of the "Shifting Narratives" program supported by the British Council SSAArts in partnership with Kampala Design Week. The podcast seeks to learn and share about every country on the continent. This year we have embarked on sharing stories that may not have been heard before from lesser-known cultures, as Shifting Narratives is all about sharing these kind stories.

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