Doing Zero

Food is the second largest contributor to climate change after fossil fuels

2021- Present

An exploration of the link between climate change and food by two neighbourhoods

- Harpurhey in North Manchester and Kawangware in West Nairobi.

In partnership with Design Manchester, community members in the two cities took part in joint workshops with climate experts and creatives to figure out what local people can do in their own communities to play their part in the battle to save the planet.

We met to tell stories, share experiences, learn from each other and form insights and used those to make art, posters, murals, music, videos, animations and even an urban farm to inspire our local communities.

We learned three things we can all do to reduce our climate impact.


Cow products are bad for the planet (beef, milk, butter, cheese etc).


If you’re not already short of it now, you may be one day.


Local and seasonal produce is fresher, tastes better and needs less transport and packaging.

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Selected by the British Council and WWF UK as a creative commission for the #COP26 Global Climate Conference.


Eat Local

Project Credits

Collaborators: Design Manchester (England), Nairobi Design Week (Kenya), Standard Practice Studio (England), S!CK Festival (England), WWF UK

The participants:
Abubakar Mohamed, Buhram Mahmoud, Carol Njeri, George Kirui, Josephine Murage, Mariam Mohamed, Monica Wanjiku, Peter Kigotho, Peter Wachira, Sarah nzau, Nelson Irungu, Ruth Njeri, Halima Njoki, Christopher Karanja
Anthony Amaechi, Cathy Breen, Elizabeth Cardwell, Rachel de Ridder, Andrew Gadd, Rachel Garbutt, Suhail K, Njoku Moore, Haleh Moravej, Aaron Phelan, Emma Schofield

The experts

Eating Habits Professor Sarah Bridle (University of Manchester / University of York)
Future Foods Dr Simona Grasso (University of Reading)
Crop Science Dr Martin Chadwick (University of Reading)
Urban Farming Elizabeth Onyango and Sheila Suluve (Ukulima Tech)Back to the Future Michael Muiya and Kyesubire Greigg (Design Kenya Society)
Creative Activism Clive Russell (This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll / XR Art Group)
Sarah Bridle’s book Food and Climate Change without the hot air is available as a free e-book from Amazon.
The food emissions flashcards on the Food and Climate Facts panel were produced by GGDOT as part of the project Take a bite out of climate change. The cards can be downloaded from


Kaymist (BSQ Crew)

Doing Zero soundtrack
Produced by Phinoshey
Lyrics & Vocal Ach13ng’

Curators Malcolm Garrett and Adrian Jankowiak
Facilitator & interpreter (Nairobi) George Wakaria
Facilitator (Manchester) Sarah Wilson (swillistrations)
Community Assistant (Nairobi) Felix Owaga (Nairobi Design Week)
Community Engagement (Manchester) Steve Vickers (SICK! Festival)
Tech Lead (Nairobi) Adam Yawe (Nairobi Design Week)
Creative Lead & Editor Naitiemu Nyanjom (Nairobi Design Week)
Production Lead (Nairobi) David King’ori (Nairobi Design Week)
Creative Workshop Direction John Owens (Design Manchester)
Photography Lead (Nairobi) Jesse Otumba
AV direction (Manchester) Keith Jobling (Boot Room Communications)
AV technicians (Manchester) Paul Garlick and Tony Maslan (Keyteq)
The pop-up Connected Green Library was co-located at
Dagoretti South Empowerment Centre (Kawangware, Nairobi)
Manchester Communication Academy (Harpurhey, Manchester)

Design Malcolm Garrett
Story Kasper de Graaf
Print ManMet Print Services
Gallery Installation Team Leader Adam Butler
Technical Project Manager Adrian Castronovo

Special thanks
Professor Martyn Evans, Anna Watkins, Alison Gill, Jonny Sadler, Lisa Lingard, Ben Young, Melvin Palisoc, Adam Butler, Adrian Castronovo, Joanna Manz-Crean, Carol Wagstaff, John Hammond, Sue Walker
Doing Zero
Project manager Jess Higham (Standard Practice)
Creative directors Adrian Jankowiak (Nairobi Design Week) and Malcolm Garrett (Design Manchester)
Project director Kasper de Graaf (Design Manchester)

Doing Zero is produced jointly by Design Manchester and Nairobi Design Week.
It is a Creative Commission for COP26 funded by the British Council.