Artisans of Kibera

Meet the makers of incredible products.


Lillian Atieno talks about how she produces wooden handbags.

Our first commissioned video series in 2015
Videography by Wanjira Gateri.

Tyre Sandals


Baraka is a young social entrepreneur from Kenya's largest informal settlement Kibera. He saw an opportunity to transform used tyres into unique and endearing sandals.

Paper Jewellery

Milliona Arts

Fiona is an entrepreneur from Kenya's largest informal settlement Kibera. She creates jewellery by upcycling old magazines through her organisation Milliona Arts

Bone Accessories

Victorious Crafts Group

Victorious Crafts Group formed in 2006, by three young men from Kibera. They saw an opportunity to use bone and horn from slaughter houses to make jewellery, cutlery, and trinkets.

Clay beads

Damaris Kiarie

Damaris Kiarie talks about the production of clay bead jewellery.

Plastic Bag baskets


Tabitha makes beautifully decorative baskets and colourful carpets from plastic bags.

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