Legacy Lives On with Manakristo Designs

Legacy Lives On with Manakristo Designs

Afrika Design Podcast Ep. 32 Tsedaniya Delnessa from Ethiopia

We hope you’re onboard as we continue our creative tour of Afrika!

In this episode, Tsedaniya Delnessa from Ethiopia discusses the history of Manakristo Designs, a company devoted to using salvaged and recycled wood along with tried-and-true wood finishes to create beauty over time. She emphasizes both the financial and aesthetic aspects that allowed her to give purpose to her passion for restoring the past.

So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself to this weeks episode as she dives deep into her motivations for reclaiming the wood while also shedding light on the** stories behind the myths and legends**, around her community that have shaped our cultures today.

This is the second episode under the ‘Shifting Narratives’ program supported by the British Council SSA Arts.

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