Developing cultural competence with Kungu Labs

Developing cultural competence with Kungu Labs

Afrika Design Ep. 33 Tune in to for a thought-provoking conversation on the intersection of cultural anthropology, design, and social impact.

In this episode of the Afrika Design podcast, Mathews Wakhungu, a cultural and design anthropologist, share’s valuable insights into how cultural anthropology influences our thoughts, actions, and design choices.

We also learn about Kungu Labs, his research and design lab that uses ethnographic research for **human-centered design and social impact innovation. **

We delves into the intriguing conversation between Mathews and host Adrian, highlighting the significance of names and cultural anthropology in shaping behavior and design processes. Through their conversation we explore the power of names, cultural anthropology and behavior, the journey to design anthropology, the process of design anthropology and comparison to design thinking.

By understanding the cultural contexts in which people operate, we can develop more empathetic and effective designs. Cultural anthropology enriches the design process by offering insights into human behavior and perceptions. As we continue to embrace the interdisciplinary nature of design.

Tune in to for a thought-provoking conversation

This is the third episode under the ‘Shifting Narratives’ program supported by the British Council SSA Arts.